Just the Strangest Thing

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I just want people. In the midst of community I feel an island.



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“Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end”

(Isaiah 9:7)

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Spending my day dreaming of living in these beautiful interiors…




Residence by Amy Neunsinger



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I need to spend more time in my room.

It’s funny the cause and effect relationship we have with our surroundings. I probably spend less than 2 waking hours in my room, which means all my other time is spent among other people. Not that I want to be antisocial but I feel like there is a certain magic that can happen when you’re alone…in a space all your own. To create. To be quite.

This next week is the perfect time to steal away to my oasis. To hit refresh and release myself to be completely me.

My challenge this Sunday. Wake up early and keep the door closed until after noon!

Count Down to Christmas

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Ladylike Lips

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I have crossed a milestone.

I have mastered the art of lipstick. To me feeling comfortable wearing lipstick is the final step to womanhood…a few yards past red nail polish and lace unpadded bras. Before (when I was a child) I would get all dolled up lacquer my lips but end up wiping it all off before I left the house. The attention it brought made me well–sheepish. I’ve broken past the barrier. I love the attention a vampy pink or siren red brings. I mildly obsessed with nearly every shade ¬†from the Wet and Wild Matte line…you can scoop them from CVS for 2.00!!! With a price like that its worth the risk. Give em a go!


Go Fur Crazy

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